Color-P is a Chinese global brand solution provider, who has been specializing in the apparel labeling and packaging industry for over 20 years. We’re founded in Suzhou which is close to Shanghai and Nanjing, benefiting from the economic radiation of the international metropolis, we’re proud of “Made In China” !

Color-P has first established efficient and long-term cooperative relationships with garment factories and large trading companies all over China. And through long-term in-depth cooperation, our labeling and packaging have been exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world.

Our Factory

Our factory is equipped with over 60 state of the looms, printing presses and other related machinery. Every year, our technical experts keep an eye on the latest technical information.


Sustainable development is an eternal topic since Color-P was founded.

Sustainable development is an eternal topic since Color-P was founded. Whether for our own high-quality development or for the stability of the environment and social prosperity we depend on, all these require us to build a sustainable development enterprise from the inside out. The era of China's brutal economic growth has passed, and now many Chinese enterprises with a certain scale like us are working together to transform everything made in China from focusing on efficiency to efficiency and quality. This must be inseparable from sustainable development.


  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    We set the bar very high and continue to raise it step by step. We have rooted the concept of quality control in every department of the company.We hope that everyone can make a contribution to pay attention to the quality of every step except the quality control department. We want to take Made-In-China quality to the next level. Let “Made in China” become synonymous with quality. Onlyby constantly breaking through ourselves can we stand outand establish ourselves in the world for a long time.

  • Color Management

    Color Management

    Color management is an extremely important knowledge for the printing and packaging industry, which determines how high an enterprise can go. We set up a special color management department to ensure consistency and uniform of color on the product. Our color management department test every production step of output color . Study the causes of chromatic aberration in depth. From design to finished product, we will produce the most satisfactory for our customers.That’s why we put word “Color” in the brand name.

  • Techonlogy Refresh

    Techonlogy Refresh

    As a non-labor intensive manufacturing industry, the update of equipment and production technology is more important. So in order to keep the production capacity continuously competitive.Every year, our technical experts keep an eye on the latest technical information. Whenever there is an important technical upgrade, our company will update our equipment at the first time regardless of cost. After more than 20 years of development, a well-trained technical team will continue to bring our production level to the next level.